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Photos are a tangible reminder of a moment in time, but over time a fading and overhandling can leave those memories damaged.

Restore the life back into your precious photos with our photo restoration services. We will digitally enhance details, remove scratches and adjust faded colours to restore your photo to make it like new.

Also we can create photo collages, remove or add a person in group photos and stitch together photos into a panorama.





Minor Restoration         
  • Creases were not through important facial areas.
  • Replacing missing pieces in background areas is relatively straight forward.
  • Original photo was approximately 13x18cm with good image quality. Recommended reproduction size 20x25cm or less.
  • Sepia and Black & White reproductions without a Polymer Shield have a satin finish.





Colour Restoration

  • Duraprints can enhance your favourite modern photographs.
  • Distracting elements or entire backgrounds can be removed and replaced from any type of original.
  • We reccomend that photos taken using amateur cameras are not enlarged.
  • Colour reproductions without a polymer shield have a gloss finish.



Major Restoration

  • Reconstruction of fine facial details (ie. the eye) is complex and time consuming.
  • Replacement of missing pieces throughout the image.
  • Repair of fine cracking over the whole image, as shown in the detail, requires many hours of precise work.
  • Original photo was approximately 13x18cm with poor image quality. Recommended reproduction size 13x18cm or less.